What is AtlasBIOvib®?

AtlasBIOvib® is a handheld, ergonomically designed massager for:
– adjusting the atlas
– neck massage
– gum massage
– massage of acupressure points and reflex zones on the soles of the feet and hands
– facial massage
– massage of the spine in a supine and sitting position
– trigger points treatment
– all kinds of bodywork requiring long thumb pressure

Benefits of using AtlasBIOvib®

AtlasBIOvib® massage improves the flow of energy and intelligence, whatever name we use, nerve impulses, sensor and motor impulses, afferent and efferent neurons, the flow of our life energy – life itself. The communication between the brain, organs, and body cells is improved, which enhances the feeling of self-confidence.

This massage is suitable and needed for everyone: young or old, healthy or sick, professionals or layman.

With a mal-positioned atlas, the head tilts forward and its weight increases from 6 to 20 kg. This leads to chronic fatigue and stress; the so-called “tightness in your neck” and hunched posture. The older we get the hunched posture becomes an “accepted” state, congruent with aging.

AtlasBIOvib® massage improves the body posture. The head regains its normal weight because it gains the support of the whole spine through the atlas. This happens immediately after the first massage, or eventually, after several uses.

AtlasBIOvib® guarantees hundreds and hundreds of muscle massages at the link between the atlas and the head and the neck muscles.

AtlasBIOvib® massager will go public worldwide because it is The Help Rene C. Schümperli saw Croatia will give to the world.

The experience of sound AUM in the delta area of 0,1 Hz – 3,9 Hz brings peace and integration of body and mind.

Once reserved for experts only, now at your fingertips

This is the most sensitive area of our body treated only by expert atlas practitioners and chiropractors by massaging the muscles between the atlas and the head. Using AtlasBIOvib® you will be able to achieve the same in the privacy of your home.

This non-invasive and harmless massage of muscles between the head and the atlas brings relief of chronic tension in the neck and the back. Acting upon numerous nerves in this area and through muscle relaxation, the atlas returns to a better position.

It is my wish to make this simple and invaluable AtlasBIOvib® technique available to everyone.

How was AtlasBIOvib® massager created?

The AtlasBIOvib® massager was created as a result of my many years of experience in working with thousands of people worldwide on neck and spine problems and treating the first vertebrae – the atlas. I first practiced Vitalogy, then Atlasprofilax, and in 2007. Rene C. Schümperli the founder of Atlasprofilax® method, personally trained me to become a Regional Director and International instructor for Southeast Europe and Russia.

I would often travel without my device, and while wishing to help a client I would only use my thumbs remarking that I would return next time with the device and „properly adjust the atlas“. When I arrived next time with the professional equipment, people would happily tell me that they felt much better since the thumbs treatment and did not need any additional treatment.

I was surprised and thrilled to learn that the targeted professional massage using only thumbs caused big changes in the human body. Back muscles relaxed and general condition improved.

That experience gave me an input to realize my long-dreamed wish to make the AtlasBIOvib® technique available to everyone: “to give my thumb” and improve life.

After years of tryouts, experiments, and tests, we registered the international patent, the AtlasBIOvib®, in 2018. It is a simple, practical massager to adjust the atlas and massage the body.

Who can use AtlasBIOvib®?

AtlasBIOvib® can be used by people over the age of 18, sick or healthy, professional or laymen, practically everyone. It is fit for personal use and use on others. The promotional price of AtlasBIOvib® is 67 €.

Although developed for adjusting the atlas vertebra, Atlasbiovib successfully treats hyperirritable nods. With a little practice, even laymen can self-treat painful nodes. Vibration relieves the pain faster than thumb pressure alone. Thai massage and Shiatsu bodyworkers, trigger point therapists, and practitioners of acupressure will save their most precious tools, their thumbs.

If you have your atlas adjusted AtlasBIOvib® will help you maintain the achieved state, and if you have not undergone atlas adjustment the massager will bring your atlas into an optimal position.

Under the guidance of Vlado Tomljenović, D.N., the instructor and creator of internationally patented massager AtlasBIOvib®, we organize a two-day seminar where you will be taught to adjust atlas on others, you will learn the basics of body manipulation and exercises to establish natural and physiologic spinal curvatures.

Information and inquiries via e-mail:
Seminar price: 1000 € including the massager.


ATLAS – is the first cervical vertebrae, the most important and the most talked about vertebrae in our body. It weighs 15 grams and carries a head weighing 5-7 kg. It is responsible for proper posture and body movement, body balance, circulation of blood, lymph, and liquor in the head, the flow of nerve impulses – sensory and motor, as well as many vital functions such as swallowing, breathing, heartbeat, normal function of stomach and peristalsis, etc. The atlas is responsible for feelings of fatigue and heaviness in the back and nape, limited mobility of the head, the tilted pelvis, functional short leg, and correspondingly – back, hip, and knee pain, discopathy, herniated disc, sciatica, etc.

It has been mentioned in many mythologies since early times.

Atlas was a Titan in Greek mythology that stood up to god Zeus and consequently was condemned to hold up celestial heavens on his shoulders at the extreme west end of the earth for eternity.

In Vedic mythology that is Varaha – the third incarnation of Vishnu, who rescues the earth from the depths of the cosmic ocean. (See the book by Professor Tony Nader: “Human Physiology – Expression of Veda” – pg. 356.)

High priests in ancient Egypt “awakened the novices’ third eye” by massaging the atlas using the copper tube.

B.J. Palmer, the son of the founder of chiropractic, developed a concept known as HIO – Hole in One. According to him, the atlas is the only vertebra that needs adjustment for the other vertebrae to adjust themselves.

Unfortunately, more than 90% of people suffer from the consequences of a mal-positioned atlas. In 81, 6 % of people the atlas is rotated to the left and in 18, 4% to the right, according to 2250 X-rays taken by Dr. Henning Lose Busch.

Prof. Dr. Rainer Seibel:
“We did not observe it, nor thought we should. The atlas was untouchable. I have been in radiology for 25 years and I have not paid attention to the atlas – it is unbelievable. After four years of scientific work I have concluded that the atlas is rotated to the left forward up and right backward down in the majority of patients!”

All athletes exposed to falls and bumps to the head: cyclists, motorcyclists, skiers, skaters, gymnasts, boxers, and other martial arts practitioners should regularly get AtlasBIOvib® massage due to the frequent bumps and jerks that expose the atlas and skull area to huge stress. Although there are usually no fractures or cracks, this position limits the range of motion of the head to the right and back, causing headaches, dizziness, neck pain, and in the worst case, even a stroke.

Robbie Lawler, 3 times World Champion UFC:
“This procedure has drastically improved my posture and range of motion. It has reversed years of old injuries in my body.”

Danijel Dubičanac, instructor of Thai acupressure:
“My treatments became more efficient since I began using AtlasBIOvib. With the aid of this multispeed massager, painful points release faster than before, so I can treat more of them in a single session. My thumbs are loving it, they are in their best shape in years!  Now I use them mostly to locate the acupoints and not so much for the pressing.” 

Poor and tilted posture, a tilted pelvis, functional short leg, back, hip, and knee pain, herniated disc, general muscle tension, tension in the back of the head, instability in gait, difficulty standing on one leg, tinnitus, a loss of grip strength, weakening of concentration, mood swings, bad vision and hearing, difficult breathing and swallowing, weakened heart and internal organs are some of the discomforts that can be significantly alleviated and sometimes completely eliminated with a simple, targeted AtlasBIOvib® massage between skull and atlas.

AtlasBIOvib® is not a medicinal device and is not a substitute for expert medical opinion, treatment, or therapy.