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AtlasBIOvib® is an internationally patented and CE certified hand-held massager, practical, simple, universal, reliable, and applicable in every situation.


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More than 90% of people suffer from pain, stiffness, instability and discomfort in the upper neck which can be alleviated with regular use of the AtlasBIOvib® .

Feel relieved, lighter, “reset” – refreshed in just 2 minutes!

Eliminate back pain, headache, tension, help yourself by dizziness, migraine, pain in the deep muscles of the neck, on the base of the skull, as well as tension in the back.

Use it to work on acupressure points of the face, neck, feet, soles, etc.

Relay on yourself in this stressful time!

It is effective for massaging the face, neck and breaking down cellulite deposits.

Used by various therapists for acupressure, shiatsu massage, trigger points, as well as atlas adjustment, the first cervical vertebra, and other vertebrae in the body.

Take it anywhere. Easily used in standing, sitting and lying positions.

A relaxing massage of these deep muscles at the connection of the head and neck improves unnatural, poor posture and constant muscle tension, which leads to increased pain and reduced mobility in the neck.


  • Vibrating silicone tip
  • Patented ergonomic design
  • 3-speed
  • Over 5 hours of use on a single charge
  • Powerful lithium-ion battery 18650 – 3.6 V – 2200 mAh
  • Micro USB Charger 110-220V, 5 V = 1 A

Vlado Tomljenović, DN, innovator and creator of the  AtlasBIOvib®

In his early eighties he succeeded in creating the  AtlasBIvib® .
It is an internationally patented and CE certified hand-held massager.
Easy to use, portable, lightweight, powerful, reliable.

Danijel Dubičanac, Thai acupressure instructor
My treatments are more effective than when I use AtlasBIOvib® . The sore spots relax faster with this multi-speed massager, so I manage to treat them more in one term. My thumbs are in great shape. I use them mainly to find points, and I replace the pressure with the vibration of a massager.

J. Clancy, Florida

I love AtlasBIOvib® ! It is small and practical, it fits well in a fist and in a purse. I often travel to strain my neck, I help myself well with this massager. 

It removes my pain almost at the same time as I lean it against the base of the skull, I feel my neck relax, the tension disappears, my neck becomes more mobile and it lasts a long time after the treatment. 

AtlasBIOvib® also helps me with my, albeit rare, headaches. It’s great that the massager works on other parts of the body as well, like the palms and soles of the feet.

Yuliya Goloskokova
Thank you for creating such a great device. I’ve been working with Atlas alignment for a few years with a regular device that is used by Atlas practitioners. Bought yours a while ago just for fun to see if it’s actually usable :))) and – IT IS great. Portable. The good strong vibe and it gets the job done with excellence!
Thank you!

Ana L.
As the Atlasbiovib practitioner mobilized my atlas, I felt a flow in my legs and great relaxation. The feeling in my head was unusual: mixture of pain and comfort, it’s hard to describe, as if some new space has opened. After the treatment, my head was light on shoulders, which I hadn’t felt for a long long time.

I use Atlasbiovib almost every day. At work, I am often leaning forward, which strains my neck and creates discomfort. I quickly remove it with Atlasbiovib, and I have almost no more headaches and neck pains.

Regular price 67€.

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